Transit Impact of Exalted Jupiter in Cancer
By Jyotish Kovid Ravindra Chunodkar
This article is the result of several feedback messages I received ever since a series of my two articles [1 , 2 ] regarding the influence of Jupiter's transit thru Gemini was placed on my website, last year. I am encouraged.

The basis for this article remains the same. The functional nature of the planet in a horoscope is decided as per Professor V K Choudhry's System's Approach to Vedic Astrology. So in a chart, Jupiter will be the lord of the house where the sign of Sagittarius is placed.

The benevolent Jupiter will be exalted in the Cancer sign ruled by the Moon during 05-July-2002 to 30-July-2003. In general, the Jupiterean trends will flourish. The influence of the transit Jupiter will depend upon the transit Moon, too, to a certain extent. And the net impact will depend upon the strength and functionality of both Jupiter and the Moon in the birth horoscope.

This article deals with the influence of upcoming transit of Jupiter in isolation thru the sign of Cancer for various ascendants as briefly described below.

The propitiation remedies for Jupiter given at the end of this article will reduce the malefic influence for those whose ascendant is either Taurus or Cancer or Capricorn.

1. Aries [ Mesha]

The Lord of fortune in the house of domestic peace and bliss. Relationship with mother will improve. There will be improvement in the domestic environment.Spiritual and religious atmosphere at home will see an upward trend. Improvements in the existing house and / or acquisition of bigger house and vehicle is possible. The performance in education and profession will be better. Blessings and support of father and guru will be available.

The strength of Jupiter and the Moon in birth chart will add to the good transit results of Jupiter.

2. Taurus [ Vrishabh]

Malefic 8th lord Jupiter in the 3rd house. There will be obstructions in new ventures in most of the cases. Communications will be ineffective and / or delayed. It may also cause bitterness in relationship. Commuting or short journeys are likely to be troublesome. Differences with father / guru / elder brother will surface and in some cases will result into snapping of association, also. Health of father / guru / elder brother may be of concern.

The strong Sun in birth chart along with the Moon will help in overcoming unfavorable situation to some extent.

3. Gemini [ Mithun]

The benefic Jupiter will bring happiness, financial benefits and improvement in status thru spouse and business partner and ventures in foreign lands. There will be general positive trend in the financial position as well as professional standing. Some may go abroad in connection with work related assignment/s. The legal issues will be decided favorably. Some will be rewarded for public speaking. Family life will be happy. Marriageable persons will meet intelligent, knowledgeable,
spiritual life partners.

The strong Jupiter, the Moon and Mercury in the birth chart will increase favorable situations.

4. Cancer [ Karka]

The malefic Jupiter in the ascendant will cause poor health and you may be required to take a special diet. This transit may involve some in conflicts leading to court case/s. The conflicts may be regarding children, investment, education, travel, spouse, business partner, father or guru.

The strong Venus and the Moon in the birth chart will be helpful in tolerating the malefic transit effects of Jupiter.

5. Leo [Simha]

The auspicious 5th lord Jupiter will transit your inauspicious 12th house of  losses, expenses, etc. Education will be affected. In some cases, going to far-off places for educational pursuits is seen. This will cause home-sickness to a few. Children and investment may suffer in some cases. Please refrain from speculative tendencies. There could be loss of happiness from children or a possible abortion. Emotional / Mental peace will be lacking. Romantic relationships will not be successful. Few may plan a pilgrimage to distant places including temple/s of their family deity.

The strong Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in the birth chart will be useful in facing the difficulties .

6. Virgo [ Kanya]

The benefic Jupiter will transit the 11th house of gains. This is a good placement. Your mother, your reputation and your assets will bring happiness and more gains in your life. You will develop new friendship /s which will be helpful in your initiatives and bring additional investment for your activity. You will be more respectful towards your mother and this will go a long way in all-round success in your life.If you are single, your mother could help you in finding out a suitable match for you.The real estate will bring profits to you. Performance of virtuous deeds and helping others will come
to your help when you need.

The strong Jupiter, the Moon and Mercury in the birth chart will ensure long lasting success.

7. Libra [ Tula]

The benefic Jupiter will be moving thru the 10th house of Karma. It is exalted in Cancer.This will help you in improving professional standing. You will put in more efforts in profession and you will be financially better off .You will fight the competition successfully.You will enjoy domestic bliss. There will be smooth clearance of your loan application for house or vehicle.There could be frequent short travels / commuting in connection with your profession .Those awaiting communications regarding appointment / employment contract renewal will find their hopes fulfilled.New initiatives/ventures in the professional field will be successful.

The strong Jupiter, Venus and the Moon in the birth chart will ensure more success, now.

8. Scorpio [ Vrischik]

The beneifc Jupiter will be auspiciously placed in the house of fortune.You will be better off in family happiness and have good finance. Finance from father, guru, elders, religious organizations will be available to you. You will work for promotion of religious and spiritual objectives. You will spread the good work and ideals of your guru and other elders.Some of you will get advisory roles in their professional fields and there will be improvement in the financial position and elevation of status.Happiness due to children, better returns on investment, better and effective communications
are foreseen. This transit of Jupiter is certainly fortunate.Marriageable persons will find suitable matches and settle down in their family lives.

The strong Jupiter, the Moon and Saturn in birth chart will ensure happy trends during this transit.

9. Sagittarius [ Dhanu]

The ascendant lord Jupiter will be moving thru inauspicious 8th house.There will be obstructions in many areas of life. There are apprehensions for accidents. Poor health is foreseen for those whose Jupiter is weak in the natal chart. Some will take interest in mystical sciences.You may go to far-off place/s and may incur heavy expenses. The finances will be fluctuating.Some may experience lack of happiness from children and spouse.There will be moments of transformation for you during this transit. Please synchronize with planets and emerge as an all-round improved being. Live thru this awaiting the next happy transit in the fortunate 9th house.

Those with strong Jupiter and the Sun in birth chart will find this less difficult.

10. Capricorn [ Makar]

The malefic Jupiter will be moving thru your 7th house.Unhappy married life and can cause health problems to the spouse . Debts and Expenses due to spouse, business partner are foreseen. Some of you may establish residence in foreign country.Health of self, siblings and friends will cause concern.

The strong Moon and Mars in the birth chart can be helpful in overcoming the unfavorable situations.

11. Aquarius [ Kumbha]

The benefic Jupiter will transit thru the inauspicious 6th house.Friends, elder brother will cause concerns to you, even conflicts could be there.There could be health upsets for some of you. Losses or lesser profits due to the machinations of competitors / enemies.The financial position will be

The strong Jupiter and Venus in the birth chart can help in overcoming difficulties to some extent.

12. Pisces [ Meena]

The benefic Jupiter will be moving thru the auspicious 5th house.Professional position will look up. You will derive mental satisfaction from your professional pursuits.If you ever wanted a career in speculation, it is now but take all precautions.Career may also offer an opportunity for learning, knowledge enhancement, etc. Some will be deputed to educational institutions. There could be an
assignment at far-off place. Children will be intelligent and source of happiness to you. You will find yourself rejuvenated. Those who are into romantic relationships will find this time to be quite positive.

The strong Mars, Jupiter and the Moon in the birth chart will ensure happy trends during this transit.

Propitiation Remedies for Jupiter - :

If Jupiter is a functional malefic planet for you, the following suggested remedies will offer you great relief -:

- Watering a Peeple tree every morning, except Sundays, or on Thursdays
- Offering Bananas to beggars or crows
- Offering a yellow colored sweet to crows
- Service to preceptor, parents / parents-in-law and old aged needy persons

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