Be Blessed by Jupiter's transit thru Gemini
By Ravindra Chunodkar
As you are aware, slow moving planets like Saturn, Jupiter and nodes bring pronounced influences while transiting various signs / houses.

This article deals with the general effects of upcoming transit of Jupiter thru the sign of Gemini.

Systems Approach (SA) to Vedic Astrology by Prof V K Choudhry (VKC) , has been followed in determining the functional nature of Jupiter for various ascendants based on the position of its Mooltrikona sign as Sagittarius.

Whenever the sign of Sagittarius occupies either the 6th or 8th or 12th house, Jupiter becomes the Functional Malefic Planet for such an ascendant, for the rest of the others, Jupiter becomes a Functional Benefic Planet.

For Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo,Libra,Scorpio,Sagittarius,Aquarius and Pisces
ascendants, the Jupiter is a Functional Benefic planet.

For Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn ascendants, the Jupiter becomes a Functional
Malefic planet.

Jupiter will be transiting the sign of Gemini from 16 June 2001 and will continue to stay there upto 05 July 2002  .

During 05 August 2001 to 12 August 2001, the Jupiter will be moving over True Rahu which is already transiting Gemini since Sept 2000. This period is expected to bring to surface situations like scams in educational institutions, disturbances around the places and issues of religious/ spiritual importance, insurgency in the garb of protection of religious standings.

Being in Gemini, Jupiter will be aspecting its own MT sign of Sagittarius and
other two MT signs, namely of Venus and Saturn i.e. Libra and Aquarius. And
hence, in general, based on the functional nature of Jupiter in the Birth chart, the transit of Jupiter in Gemini will offer benefic or malefic effects for various ascendants . Here only those ascendants falling in odd numbered signs are briefly dealt with as below ( Even numbered signs covered separately )-:

For Aries, this transit will bring lucky initiatives in starting / expansion / stability of business activities, journeys for pilgrimage , blessings of father and guru, good relationship with younger siblings, better understanding and communication with spouse / business partner, signing / negotiating new contracts, etc.

For Gemini, this will mean more help and consideration from the spouse / business
partner. Journeys for business, new investments and creativity will be upbeat.
Those associated with research and development, training, teaching will find favorable environment for growth and promotions. Spirituality will be increased.

Leo ruled persons will find more income thru their creativity and investments made in the companies working in the fields of Management, Banking, Consulting and Law will bring good returns. Arrangements for collaborations on which work for quite some time has been put in will be profitably finalized.

For Libra, journeys along with younger siblings for pilgrimage is a good possibility. They will often bring lucky situations. To some, younger siblings may help to reach a proper guru and get diksha. For many of you, a very good equation with your supervisor / boss thru productive communications/ dialogues is sure.

For Sagittarius ascendant, more active and constructive role in the relationship
or business partnership is seen. Spouse will devote more time to spiritual /
religious pursuits. If you wish to induct your spouse into your business activity,
there could not have been any better time for you to do so than now - more
profitable association, productive dialogues and communication, and off-course
more possibilities of spending time together.

For Aquarius, friends will bring ample scope and opportunities for your exhibiting creativity. Married ladies having grown-up children, with latent creativity can think afresh about starting new ventures to spend their available time more productively. Similarly, investment in activities sponsored / promoted by your friends will get you good dividends.

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Created on 02 June 2001