Jupiter's Transit thru Gemini - Good and Not-so-good
 by Ravindra Chunodkar

In my first article , " Be Blessed by Jupiter's transit thru Gemini " , I dealt with only the ascendants falling in odd numbered signs i.e. Aries,Gemini, Leo, etc. Because transit in Gemini of Jupiter for all of them will be more or less favorable due to Jupiter being Functional Benefic Planet as per Systems Approach (SA) to Vedic Astrology by Prof V K Choudhry (VKC), Gurgaon, INDIA.

I am dealing here separately with the ascendants falling in even numbered signs like Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces because, for some ascendants the Jupiter is Functional Malefic Planet and for the rest even numbered ascendants it is Functional Benefic Planet. Another aspect was to consider the transit Gemini position of Jupiter as being in dustana, say for Scorpio ascendant, Gemini becomes the 8th house and Jupiter is a Functional Benefic Planet.

In this article, I am giving at the end remedial measures for propitiating the functional malefic Jupiter.

Let me begin here with the ascendant in the 1st even numbered sign of Taurus.

For Taurus ascendant, Jupiter becomes a functional malefic planet, in fact the Most Malefic Planet as it owns the 8th house. There will be difficulties on the family front. Misunderstanding with the spouse on even small matters frequently, problematic situations due to improper communications with children,difficulties in studies. Health will need attention. Infections due to eating unclean / unhealthy food is very much possible. Watch for throat infection, too.Instability in profession may cause fluctuations in financial position.

For Cancer ascendant, Jupiter owns the 6th house as its MT sign of Sagittarius falls there.Expenses will be incurred on account of diseases and hospitalization, increase of debts. Chances of loosing legal battle,and losses are indicated thru the enemies. Losses thru servants and possible theft are also foreseen . In some cases, trouble to male children also indicated. If your natal Jupiter is also afflicting in the natal chart, long stretch of unhappiness is indicated . Make your mind strong and be humorous.

Virgo ascendant will have their 4th house lord and Most Benefic Planet,Jupiter transiting their 10th house of Karma. Domestic happiness,marital bliss, increased assets,more interest in religious / spiritual matters.Increased salary, promotion possibility, recognition by superiors is indicated. Some will find themselves elevated to the head of the section /department.You will also share your good things with
others .Marriage hopefuls will joyfully find that their days of being single are over. You will develop increased sense of respecting elders,advisors, spiritual persons.

For Scorpio ascendant, the 2nd lord Jupiter goes to one of the dusthana - the 8th house.Family happiness impediments, obstacles brought by family members/ neighbors. For some speech related problems are foreseen. There will be increased tendency to speak falsehood / foul language.Some will be changing eating habits towards junk / unhealthy food, etc. Although in general more hard work will be required to be put in for keeping financial position stable ,for some, likelihood of easy money/ easy gains like inheritance, insurance claims, etc.Some will be lured to use illegal/undesirable means to earn money fast. There is also possibility of right eye-vision getting affected or weaker .

For Capricorn ascendant, the MT sign of Sagittarius falls in the dusthana - the 12th house.Possibility of infection/disease of eyes/vision. Failures in the competitive exams. Liver ailments like Jaundice is possible.Some may find cheated and incur losses thru self proclaimed godmen. There is also a possibility of getting involved in
unnecessary litigation while on vacation / touring / residing in foreign country.

Pisces ascendant will have the auspicious, 10th lord Jupiter transiting their another auspicious, 4th house in Gemini sign. You are likely to organize a grand seminar / conference / assembly of persons.Those working away from their native/birth place will have good possibility of returning back home.Some of you will get fully furnished housing by the courtesy of your employer,while others will increase their assets thru their own earnings. With increased comforts at home, you will feel more spiritually receptive and may go on pilgrimage .

Remedies for Jupiter - :

If Jupiter is a functional malefic planet for you, the following suggested remedies will offer you great relief -:

- Watering a peeple tree every morning, except Sundays, or on Thursdays
- Offering bananas to beggars or crows
- Offering a yellow colored sweet to crows
- Service to preceptor, parents/parents-in-law and old aged needy persons

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Created on 02 June 2001