Transit Impact Of Saturn In Gemini
Jyotish Kovid Ravindra Chunodkar
As you are aware, the Saturn is the slowest planet which takes about 2.5 years to cross one sign. Capricorn and Aquarius are the two signs governed by Saturn; Aquarius being its Mooltrikona sign, also.

As per Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology propounded by Prof V K Choudhry, the functionality of a planet in a horoscope is decided by the rulership of  its mooltrikona sign. Saturn thus will be the owner of that house in a horoscope where Aquarius sign is placed. Based on this, the functionality
[benefic or malefic] of Saturn for various ascendants [lagna] is decided for the purpose of this article.

This article outlines the impact of transit of Saturn thru the sign of Gemini [Mithun] in isolation, for all the 12 ascendants. Saturn will transit thru Gemini during 23-July-2002 to 08-January-2003, 07-April-2003 to 05-Sept-2004 and 13-January-2005 to 26-May-2005.

For Cancer, Virgo and Pisces ascendants, Saturn becomes a functional malefic planet. The propitiation remedies for Saturn given at the end of this article will reduce the malefic influence for these ascendants.

1. Aries [Mesh]

The 11th lord benefic Saturn will be in the 3rd house. Fulfillment of desires and financial gains thru self initiatives in the field/s of coal, iron, steel, mines, oil [petro], heavy industries, labor intensive work, etc. In general, gains thru enterprise/s, sibling/s and communications. Opportunity of entrepreneurial activity will be available thru friend/s or elder brother. Your initiatives for investments will bear fruits. Some will get chance/s of going to a far-off place and it will be gainful. Younger
siblings and father will fare better in their lives.

If natal Saturn, the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter are strong then these results will be more prominent.

2.Taurus [Vrishabh]

The 10th lord benefic Saturn will be in the 2nd house. There will be status elevation due to positive developments in profession. Career may see opportunities in the fields of speaking [poet, singer,
lecturer], food [restaurant/catering], etc. Some of you could move to a bigger and better residence either of your own or provided by your employer. You would develop interest in research activity and / or study of Occult Science/s. New friendship/s due to professional activity will be developed.
Existing professional activities related to coal, mines, labor, petro/oil, sub-zero temp. industrial activities, iron, steel, heavy industries, become fruitful.

If your natal saturn and the Sun are strong then these results will be more prominent.

3.Gemini [Mithun]

The lord of fortune will be in ascendant - very fortunate position. The blessings of father and guru will be available to you. Your luck and merit will help you in getting success in your initiatives and business activity. You will be happy with your spouse and there will be an increase in the spirituality. There will be occasions to host saints and religious leaders. A strong possibility to lead / get involved in spiritual / religious organization / movement is forthcoming.

The strong natal Saturn, the Sun and Mercury will help in achieving these results to the maximum.

4.Cancer [Kark]

The malefic Saturn will be badly placed in the 12th house.Your life will be difficult in general. There could be loss of inheritance and marital happiness, in some cases the longevity of life as well as marital life could be curtailed. You may experience bad health, losses and more expenses during your travel to far-off place/s. Even theft is not ruled out.Some of you could travel long distance/s in pursuit of research activities or Occult Studies. You may not get sound sleep and rest. Your father too will experience difficulties.

The strong natal Venus, the Sun, the Moon and Mercury will help in improving your tolerance levels.

5.Leo [Simha]

The 7th lord Saturn will be in an auspicious 11th house.You will be benefited thru happy spouse and family life. Your desire to set up residence in foreign country will be fulfilled. Business in general will
show good gains and particularly so, if related to heavy industry, iron, steel, coal, mines, petro/oil, labor oriented, sub-zero temp. processes, etc. Your maturity, investments, research orientation will help you succeed.

The strong natal Sun, Jupiter and Mars will help you have long lasting success.

6.Virgo [Kanya]

The 6th lord malefic Saturn will be in the house of Karma. There could be disputes in profession. Debts due to professional activity are possible - so better to check expenses. Bad health will cause professional difficulties. Disputes thru / involving male progeny. Shifting of residence and lack of domestic peace or strained relationship with mother and / or spouse. Service oriented profession with more hardwork and comparatively less compensation will take you to foreign land. Health concerns regarding Joints / knees will be there. Please note that health will be bad for those with weak natal Mercury and Saturn.

If Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are strong in the natal chart, you will be in a better position to face the difficult situations.

7.Libra [Tula]

The auspicious 5th lord will be in auspicious 9th house. This is really a fortunate placement. Divine grace, support and blessings of father and guru are foreseen. Happiness from children will be there. Some will be interested to study religion or in spirituality and will travel in this connection. Some will get associated with judiciary, law, serving the poor and downtrodden. Investment in activities related to coal, steel, iron, mine, petro/oil, heavy industry, labor oriented work will prosper. Problems bothering you for a long time will be resolved now.

The strong natal Sun, Jupiter and Venus will be helpful to achieve these.

8.Scorpio [Vrischik]

The 4th lord and MBP, Saturn will be in the 8th house of obstructions / transformations / hidden things. Vehicular accidents / discomforts will be sure. Shifting of residence to a far-off place for the happiness of children / romantic relationship / seeking mental peace / professional / financial pursuits / status elevation / research and development purposes is foreseen. Domestic peace and bliss will be inadequate. Real estate will bring difficulties/ will suffer. Interest in learning of Occult Science/s will be developed. There will be life changing transformation/s for betterment.

If Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun are strong in the natal chart, you will be able to overcome difficulties.

9.Sagittarius [Dhanu]

The benefic Saturn will be well placed in the 7th house. For marriageable ones, marriage will take place due to self initiatives or by means of introduction thru communications. Efforts and communications will bring success in business. If the activities are related to coal, steel, iron, mines, heavy industries, labor intensive work, sub-zero temp. processes then they will be profitable. Siblings will go to far-off place/s for business and prosper there.
The strong natal Sun, Venus and Jupiter will be helpful.

10.Capricorn [Makar]

The benefic Saturn will be badly placed in the 6th house. You will encounter difference of opinions. Family life as a result of this will be disturbed. As a cautionary measure, think and then speak. Neck, throat, right eye, teeth, knees, joints are susceptible and require your attention. There will be lack of support from your sibling/s.

The strong well placed Sun, Mars, Saturn and Mercury will be helpful in improving your resistance levels.

11.Aquarius [Kumbh]

The benefic Saturn will be auspiciously placed in the 5th house. You will be intelligent, learning, capable of making new fruitful investments. You will be close to your child/ren. You will also have emotional peace. Those already in the romantic relationships will decide to marry.

The strong natal Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn will be helpful to achieve the above.

12.Pisces [Meena]

The Malefic Saturn will be in the 4th house. This is an unfavorable placement. Relationship with mother will be difficult. There will be lack of domestic happiness / peace. Problems with residence,
vehicle,real estate, etc., in some cases the dispute/s will go to court. Health problems associated with heart, chest, lungs, mental disorders will surface. There will be problems also in profession. Overall difficult transit for you and hence a lot of patience will be required.

The strong natal Mars, Jupiter and the Moon will help you overcome difficulties to some extent.

Propitiation Remedies for Saturn -:

If Saturn is a functional malefic planet for you, the following suggested remedies will offer you great relief -:

- Watering a peeple tree on Saturdays or daily except Sundays.
- Donating black grams.
- Offering salty rice with dal to beggars/crows.
- Offering namkeen roti with mustard oil applied on it, in pieces to crows everyday morning.
- Donating black pulse or salt or mustard oil on Saturdays.
- Be considerate to the servants/poor.

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