Creator of SA - System's Approach , a revolutionary new tool for interpretation of natal / transit charts and divisional charts

Author of :

Self Learning Course in Astrology

System's Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes

How to Study Dvisional Charts

How to Identify Significant Events

Impact of Ascending Signs

How to Analyze Married Life

Co-author of :

Application of Prasna Astrology

Manage Your Health thru Preventive Astral Remedies

Predictive Techniques and the Application of Astrological Remedial Measures

How to Avert Professional Setbacks


Jyotish Martand by International Council of Astrological & Occult Studies , Hyderabad , India in 1989

Jyotish Kovid by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences , Madras in 1991

Jyotish Bhanu by Astro Sciences Research Organisation , New Delhi , in 1992

Faculty member & Course Director (astrology) with ICAS

Pracharya Award (Professor of Astrology) by Bharat Nirman in 1993

Indo-American who's who entry in 1994

Master of Astrology by International Council of Astrological & Occult Studies in 1995

Doctor of Alternative Medical Sciences in 1996 by International Council of Alternative Medicines

Gold Medal and Jyotish Vachaspati in 1996 by International Institute of Astrology & Occultism , New Delhi

Dharma Yogi title in 1995 by International Foundation of Peace ,Fraternity & Humanistics , Bombay

Vastu Shastra Samrat in 1996 by International Council of Astrological Sciences , Bombay

Sthapatya Ratna in 1996 by Bhartiya Ved Jyotish Vigyan Sansthan, Modinagar , India

International Man of the year 1997 / 1998 by International Biographical Centro of Cambridge (IBC) , England

Name included in 2000 Outstanding People of the 20 Century brought out by IBC.

Name included in Five Hundred Leaders of Influence honoring achievements during the last quarter of the twentieth century by Americal Biographical Institute, Raleigh, USA.

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Published Article on SA by Prof. V.K.Choudhry
Published Article on SA by Prof. V.K.Choudhry
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Jupiter's transit thru Cancer [5-July-2002 onwards] by Ravindra Chunodkar

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