Jyotish/Vedic Astrology Software 
Contact - Ravindra K Chunodkar
Phone : +91-712-248 139
Email :  ravichunodkar@hotmail.com
URL : http://ravichunodkar.tripod.com
There have been good attempts to bring Vedic Astrology - Jyotish closer to masses thru the use of Software .

Links to the sites offering information on a few of the DOS / WINDOWS based Vedic Astrology Software programs are provided below ; please note that these are not in the order of their ratings or popularity -:

Shri Jyoti  KUNDALI
Jyotisha for Palm Pilot  Parashara's Light 
Goravani Jyotish  LifeSign 
LEO Series  Visual Jyotish 
Raasi 1.01 
AstroStation AstroResearch 
My Column Jyotish Magazines
Tirupati Balaji  Siddhivinayak 
If you wish to suggest a link for any Jyotish Software Program Web site , please do send me an email message
This page has been updated on 25 Sept 2002

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