"How To Match Horoscopes For Marriage"
A Book by Sri P.V.R.Rayudu, Hyderabad, INDIA
recently published by
M/s Motilal Banarsidass Publishers ,Delhi, INDIA

" A scientific methodology based on compatibility on Moon and other aspects is evolved for matching the horoscopes for marriage partners.

Themagaetic control,amenability,psychological dispositions,mental qualities, bodily / physical contacts, affection, harmony, progeny, temperament, character, pulse or nervous energy indication physiological and to certain extent hereditary factors, duration of married life,widowhood etc. are considered for matching horoscopes.Tables for compatibility points are given.

Accordingly a criteria is evolved for matching of the two horoscopes as poor,fair,good,very good,excellent. "

Contents of the book -:

Chapter I : Introduction:

Some fundamentals-
Planets and own houses,
Natural benefic planets,
Natural malefic planets,
Aspects of planets,
Dwidwadasa Rashis,Nakshtras,Padas

Chapter II : Compatibility on the basis of Moon :

Varna, Compatibility points table
Vasya, Compatibility points table
Grahamaitri, Compatibility points table
Rashi kuta, Compatibility points table
Dina kuta, Compatibility table
Yoni kuta, Compatibility table
Gana kuta, Compatibility points table
Nadi kuta, Compatibility points table
Special considerations
Moon position
Moon Ashtakavarga

Chapter III : Compatibility points on the basis of other aspects

Kuja Dosha or mars evil
Kuja dosha exceptions
Other malefic planets dosha
Ascendants lords
Seventh houses
Seventh house lords
Eighth house lords
Other planets
Ascendants and Moons
Venus and Mars
Venus position

Chapter IV : Criteria for allotting compatibility points

Chapter V : Model horoscopes - Compatibility points

Rashi chart of husband
Rashi chart of wife
Compatibility points on the basis of Moon
Compatibility points on the basis of other aspects
Total compatibility points


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