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Mr. PVR Rayudu, BE, M.Tech, a former senior scientist and deputy director of Defense Research and Development Labs of Government of India, has been studying, researching, and practicing Hindu Astrology for the last three decades. On an invitation from the American Federation of Astrologers, he gave a lecture on his Computerized Research work in their convention held in USA in 1992. This research work was published as a book titled "How to read a Horoscope-- a scientific model of prediction based on Benefic and Malefic analysis of planets and Bhavas as per Hindu Astrology" by Motilal Banarasi Dass Publishers Pvt Ltd, Delhi, India with ISBN nos. ISBN: 81-208-1458-4 (Cloth) and ISBN:81-208-1459-2 (Paperback) in 1997. His paper on "Matching horoscopes for Marriage-- a scientific model" was published in American Journal "Today's Astrologer". His articles A Note on Problems in Prediction in The Times of  Astrology, A Note on Nadi Amshas in Vedic Astrology in Jan 1999  issues from New Delhi and Comments on Twin Births in 'Your Views' column of The Express Star Teller in Feb 1999 issue from Chennai, India.

He also visited Maharishi University of Management, Holland for lectures, discussions, and consultations in Hindu Astrology in 1995. He was again invited by American Federation of Astrologers to give lecture on Hindu Nadi Astrology in their convention in 1998. He was awarded "Daivagna Ratna" and "Jyotish Aradhakulu" by the star astrological research center, Hyderabad, India for his yeoman service to Astrology.

The theme of his book on astrology is:

Planets are subjected to different influences in a horoscope and they are analyzed scientifically giving suitable weightages for every condition to arrive at the benefic and malefic percentage of each planet. Similarly, bhavas are analyzed. Based on these benefic and malefic percentage analysis of planets and bhavas, broad life and yearly predictions can be given. The whole scheme is computerized.

He also gave lecture on Hindu Astrology  in Arsha Vidya Gurukulam,  Pennsylvania in 1998.

Presently, he continues his research work in ancient Hindu Nadi Astrology.

His contact address is:

67, Vinaynagar, Saidabad, Hyderabad - 500059, Andhra Pradesh, India,


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