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Issue-2 , 25 March 1999
Astral Remedies

In the last couple of months,  what was striking to me was a sudden spurt of Remedies,  I mean , Astrological Remedies . Astrological Magazines , Books were highlighting Remedial measures of various kind ; Tantra , Mantra , Tavij , Amulet , etc. And every proponent making his / her case and discounting others and other approaches ; one well known astrologer went to an extent of calling those recommending Amulets , etc as cheats . I was astonished - if WELL KNOWN astrologers resort to mud slinging ; what a common man would make of it - useless, bogus or what .


What I, as a common man, would like to say is that if a genuine case without any influence of any kind comes forward , why not accept that atleast he or she has been benefited or say believed to be benefited .

Yes, if this whole approach of Astrological Remedies is commercially exploited by a few Astrologers; it is a thing to be condemned but calling "Cheat" is still outrageous! But then , in all spheres of Society you will find a few who would commercially exploit the gullible in the name of social service, etc.,

I remember a comment made by one of the disgruntled astrologer of western origin and believer saying that if keeping a bowl of fresh water for birds in the morning and feeding salty rice to crows , could make anyone improve his/her conditions; what could be more ridiculous and outrageous than this !

Then there is one school of thoughts in astrologers who suggest astral remedies should be for bad planets ( read malefic planets , here) and other one says , oh no , it should be for improving the strength of the weak but beneficial planets. If astrologers themselves have quite diagonally opposite views on the fundamentals - what becomes of a common man , a man who would like to believe in this and try out because of the REPUTATION of the astrologer , is understandable !

I tend to believe as a common man that if one resorts to prayers for strong , bad     ( as per individual's chart ) planet/s and gemstones & / or humanitarian activities specific to the weak and good ( read benefic here ) planet/s , it should improve situations and tolerance levels, a lot . Well , the specifics on what , when , how , etc., has to be worked out by an honest and good astrologer who suggests astral remedies essentially as a social service and not a commercial venture ! For any common man , I think , it is simple to judge what stuff that recommending astrologer is made of , in due course of time , hold on for some more time if the finance involved is SUBSTANTIAL as per YOUR OWN STANDARDS !  Where ever it is possible ask for moneyback guarantee ; I know you are not going to be funny asking for moneyback guarantees for feeding say birds , animals , poor , old people , etc., But yes , moneyback gurantees for gemstones , amulets , etc.,

At the closing , what I wish to say is try for remedial measures well in time , to suit your affordabilities and with belief that they will provide positive results ; and even if they don't ,for whatever reasons and to whatever extent - YOU WILL BECOME LITTLE MORE TOLERANT AND HAVE A LITTLE MORE PRACTICAL COMMON SENSE .

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and enjoy net surfing !

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