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By "Daivagna Ratna" P. V. R. Rayudu B. E., M. Tech
I  happen  to go through the articles in EST  August  1998  issue about  twin  births. The editor, in the editorial, rightly  pointed  out "would  you  like  to solve the greatest puzzle  of  interpreting  the charts of twins, born within a few minutes of each other?". It is really the greatest puzzle and none of the rules given will apply totally.

While  appreciating the articles by S. P. Pahwa, E. K. Dilipkumar  and S. S. Gola  on  twins, I find some discrepancies while  applying  their rules to the 6 twin charts dealt with in their three articles.

The rule that Sun in a quadruped sign of the native to be born as one  of the twins is found only in one chart given by Dilipkumar(Sun 24. 54 in the quadruped sign of second part of Sagittarius)out of the 6 charts  given. The second rule is that the other planets (or many  planets) occupy (usually) the dual signs and in the 6 charts given, in the first chart there are no planets, in the second & fourth charts there are  3 planets, in the third chart there are 6 planets, in  the  fifth chart  there  are four planets and in the last chart  there  are  five planets, in  the  dual signs. The third rule that the 3rd &  11th  lords will  be  well connected as given by Dilipkumar is not  found  in  the charts given by Pahwa & Gola.

The  rule  given by Pahwa is that if the lords of the 1st  &  5th houses are together in kendra in association with a benefic planet and the  lord of the 2nd house strong, the native may be blessed with  twin boys. This condition is not found in the given charts of the parents of the twins, showing only the influence of male planets without  specifically mentioning the reason for twin births to the parents. It is also mentioned  by Pahwa to note in the twin charts the position of  Jupiter, Sun. Mars & Saturn in Sthira rasis and this is not found in one  of his charts and the other charts given by Dilip & Gola. It is not understood  why  he also stated to note the conjunction of 4  planets  with Rahu in Scorpio in one of the twin charts. The question of death of one of the twins is anyway not dealt with.

Mr. Dilipkumar  dealt with Dasamsa chart only for  profession  and had not analysed the important aspect why one of the twins got married and blessed with a son and the other twin is not married so far as  on date. Dr. Gola  also had not given why the elder twin got married on  12 July  1995  while  the other got married in Feb 1998  and  dealt  with Saptamsa  chart of elder twin only for late birth of a daughter on  12 July  1997. The  authors had not given more of the past events  of  the twins regarding the details of their parents, coborns, education, profession, marriage, children  etc  and also the degrees of the  planets  and lagna.

In  the  given 6 charts, the birth time  differences  between  the twins are 10, 5, 11, 10, 20 & 6 minutes respectively. As such the lagnas in divisional  charts change and it almost amounts to the  discussion  of separate charts  irrespective  that they are twins. If  the  birth  time difference is of a minimum of 2 to 3 minutes, the lagna of Shashtiamsa ï 7 3 chart( 1/60 divisional chart)only will be effected and all the  analysis of other charts regarding marriage, children, profession etc will be the same. In such a case, how to distinguish the differences of the life patterns  of  the twins is really a riddle. If there is  birth  of  two persons to different parents in different places or on same place with a difference of 2 to 3 minutes in birth time, then to analyze the  life patterns  is still a problem. Mr. Dilipkumar correctly pointed out  that we do not have the sufficient knowledge of how to use the 16 divisional  charts  given by Maharishi Parasara. Imagine what  happens  to  the analysis  if one wants to get into the Nadi Amsha psttern (1/300  part of  6'arc or 24 seconds birth difference), where there is  no  reliable literature at all about the Nadi Amshas application.

In  my recent visit to USA to give lectures there in the  conferences of the American Federation of Astrologers and Arsha Vidya  Gurukulam, on their invitation, I found in the World Almanac that for  every 3  seconds  9 births and 6 deaths take place (the scholars  can  think wherefrom  the  other  3 births, 9 births minus  6  deaths, are  coming from). In  India  alone, I  think that for every second  a  birth  takes place. What  happens  to  an astrologer if such 3 charts  with  a  time difference of 1 second are given at one time for analysis? Generally, many  of the astrologers are lucky enough not to get into such a  mess and hence they survive with their various gimmicks.

Therefore, it  is  very essential to know the  background  of  the native  regarding the details about grand  parents, parents, brothers  & sisters, education, marriage, husband/wife, children, profession   etc   to verify the past events, before proceeding to give other future  predictions. How  to  verify the past events and rectify the  time  of birth (including  the  male/female birth) is still a riddle, in view  of  the differences in the Ayanamsha by different stalwarts.

I do not propose to claim that I know these tricks and I am still struggling  to  understand these intricacies, in spite of my  study  of this  for the last three decades, maintaining the birth data  and  life pattern  events  of the known individuals. I humbly  request  that  all astrologers should record the past events of their clients with  birth data and discuss amongst themselves with an open and research mind so that some concrete conclusions and rules may come out to read a  chart as per the present modern times.

However, for  the  sake of those who are interested  in  deep  research, I give herewith three typical charts of twins with their  birth data  and some known past events with birth time difference of 2 to  3 minutes. I myself could not analyze them satisfactorily and I am  keen if  someone can analyze them to suit the past events and  give  future predictions. I  find similarity of sounds in the names of  twins. It  is essential  to  give degrees of planets and lagna whenever a  chart  is quoted along with the Vimsottari Dasas.


Two twin females, Date of birth 25 November 1967, Time  of birth  10. 20 pm & 10. 23 pm, Place of birth Longitude  78. 27  East, 17. 26 North.

One elder brother;2 sisters younger/elder not known; nonbrahmin; father retired municipal commissioner; mother house-wife. Elder twin BSc degree, chest trouble, marriage 1989, husband conservative mind electron ï 7 3 ics engineer worked as lecturer left lecturer job in 1993 started joint business, female child born in 1993, native continuing her beauty clinic in India; Younger twin B. Com open university, marriage 1994, went  abroad 1995, husband  open  minded  doctor doing MD in  USA  went  abroad  Jun 1994, she  did  courses in beauty clinic in USA. (Data as  on  30  April 1996).

The charts are as follows:

Elder  /younger  twin:  Lagna  Cancer  14. 58. 48/15. 59. 34;Leo   Jupiter 11. 19. 05/11. 19. 05, Moon 17. 56. 32/17. 58. 15;Virgo Venus 23. 31. 31/23. 31. 39

Libra   Ketu  4. 01. 51/4. 01. 52, Mercury  21. 54. 30/21. 54. 41;Scorpio   Sun 9. 20. 16/9. 20. 34;Capricorn  Mars 1. 53. 10/1. 53. 16; Pisces Saturn  retrograde 12. 24. 48/12. 24. 48;Aries Rahu 4. 01. 51/4. 51. 02. Ayanamsha 23. 24. 22.

Dasa  periods are Moon-Venus-Mercury for elder from 26 Feb 1996 to  21 May 1996 and for the younger from 11 Feb 1996 to 6 May 1996.

Navamsha chart same for both: Lagna Scorpio Ketu in lagna;Mars in Capricorn;Mercury  in Aries;Rahu in Taurus;Jupiter in Cancer;Venus  in Leo;Sun & Moon in Virgo;Saturn in Libra.


Two twin females, Date of birth 22  June  1970, Time  of birth 10. 45 pm & 10. 48 pm, Place of birth Longitude 77. 36 East, Latitude 12. 58  North;

1 younger brother engineer born 1974;father  MBBS  doctor own clinic mild heart attack on 10 Aug 1990 lost about 5 lakh  rupees in  1991/92  in clinic deceived by partner; mother  Msc housewife two miscarriages  after  daughters; Both studied M. A.  &  Music, give  joint vocal  music  performances, both good looking fair  almost  alike; both married  on  same date 3 June 1996 to almost engineers; Elder  twin  is fast and younger one is steady, Brahmins?(Data as in 1996)

The charts are as follows:

Elder/Younger   twin:  Lagna  Aquarius  8. 53. 23/9. 45. 40;Aries   Saturn 24. 53. 03/24. 53. 03;Taurus    Mercury    21. 30. 02/21. 30. 02;Gemini    Sun 7. 24. 51/7. 24. 58, Mars 19. 58. 48/19. 58. 53;Cancer Venus 13. 35. 40/13. 35. 49;

Leo  Ketu  11. 25. 04/11. 25. 04;Libra  Jupiter  2. 36. 32/2. 36. 32;Capricorn Moon   21. 24. 30/21. 26. 29;Aquarius   Rahu   11. 25. 04/11. 25. 04. Ayanamsha 23. 26. 47. Balance  of  dasa at birth Moon 1yr 5m 8d/1yr 5m 0d  and  for elder  twin  Rahu-Moon from 14 May 1994 to 13 Nov 1995  and  for  the younger one Rahu-Moon from 5 May 1994 to 4 Nov 1995.

Navamsha chart same for both: Lagna Sagittarius Sun in Lagna;Rahu in  Capricorn;Mars  in Pisces;Mercury Ketu Moon in  Cancer;Jupiter  in Libra;Saturn & Venus in Scorpio.


Two twin females, Date of birth 9 May 1992, Time of birth 2. 16  pm  &  2. 18 pm, Place of birth  Bergheim, Germany  Longitude  6. 38 East, Latitude  50. 55 North, Time zone 1 hour East, Day light  savings  1 hour;

Both  good  looking beautiful cute;father working on  a  te  tile project  in  Maharishi University of  Management, Holland;mother  dance teacher;both  parents good looking smart devotees of Maharishi  Mahesh Yogi do meditations;nationality German;no coborns;both visit Maharishi University along with parents. (Data as on 3 Nov 1995)

The charts are as follows:

Elder/Younger  twin:  Lagna  Leo  13. 41. 51/14. 03. 05;Jupiter  in  Lagna 11. 00/11. 00; Sagittarius Rahu 7. 44/7. 44; Capricorn Saturn 24. 26/24. 26;

Pisces  Mars 9. 01/9. 01;Aries Mercury  3. 33/3. 33, Venus  15. 55/15. 55, Sun 25. 22/25. 22;Gemini  Ketu 7. 44/7. 44;Cancer  Moon  23. 28/23. 29. Ayanamsha 23. 45. 16. Dasa Mercury-Rahu for elder from 9 March 1993 to 26 Sep  1995 and for younger from 28 Feb 1993 to 17 Sep 1995.

Navamsha  chart  same  for  both: Leo  Lagna;Venus  &  Saturn  in Lagna;Mars in Virgo;Sun in Scorpio;Ketu in Sagattarius;Moon in Aquarius;Mercury in Taurus;Rahu in Gemini;Jupiter in Cancer.

Please  note  that in Case I with 3 minutes  difference  in  birth time, the  marriages  differ  by  about  5  years, husbands  engineer  & doctor, one went to USA & other in India only;in Case II with again  3 minutes difference in birth time, the marriages on same  day, husbands engineers, both in India only;in Case III with birth time difference of 2 minutes, the Lagna difference is only 0. 21. 14 and so the Shatshiamsha Lagna also will be the same.

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