[ Parashara Lights - Palm Edition ]

In this world of mobility, Jyotishi has a great tool in accurate and instant PL-Palm which is a Jyotish software program for Palm Handheld device from Palm Inc. PL-Palm is an offering from the makers of famous Parashara Lights software for Jyotish from Geo Vision Software Inc., which needs no introduction for Desktop Astrologer users.

In my experience with them, both before ordering and after ordering, I found them to be responding to me and my needs promptly and positively. The interactions have been cooperative.

As a user who is a practicing Jyotishi, I am happy with their PL-Palm and services support, so far. However, I feel that this software could have an improved utility if certain additions are provided to existing facilities, my current wish list - :

- True position of the Nodes
- Panchang screen
- Viewing 2 different charts with toggle
- Ephemeris view [ planetary positions daily, weekly, monthly, yearly]
- Color displays and
- Optimized algorithms for faster calculations

Contact Mrs. Kalpana Mehta for any details regarding PL-Palm at .

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