Predictive Techniques & Astral Remedies; Case Studies - Psychiatrical Problems !

By Sri V K Choudhry

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The divine science of astrology is a wonderful asset to the mankind. It unfolds the uncertainties in life, reduces tension, and enables one to move to the right direction. It deals with various aspects of human life such as health - physical and mental, business, social status, financial prosperity, name and fame, emotional stability, etc. The predictive astrology gives us the firm indications in life pertaining to the future events right at birth. The astrological remedies at the same time help further by reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences and harness the significations rules by benefic planets in a nativity.

The world dreads today with the fear of AIDS, cancer, cardio vascular diseases, psychiatric problems, etc. The modern system of medicine whether allopathic and/or alternative medicines offers us stray guiding factors for preventing these dreaded diseases or early detection of these so that these can respond to symptomatic treatment. No other science/system has the twin capacity to forewarn and forearm. The divine science of astrology offers the preventive remedies for such diseases wherever the possibility of such a disease is indicated by the predictive capacity of astrology.

We come across mal-functioning of functional health even at birth time where the individual concerned has no role to play in abuse of his food habits, etc. Astrology relates it to the deeds of the past life based on the theory of Karma. I am not trying to create here any orthodoxism or blind faith or fatalism but I am trying to share with you my experience of application of the science of astrology and astrological remedies in timing of the diseases and timing of recovery.

The timing is done with the help of the horoscope which is a record of the planetary position prevailing at the time of the birth of a particular person at a particular place. This is the most valuable gift of Vedas to the mankind and an Indian legacy. All sciences depend on the experience by way of observations and analysis of hypothesis developed based on these observations. It is really painful when such a useful gift to mankind is just termed as a superstition without even a trial by the so called rationalists.

Despite the phenomenal growth in the modern healing sciences, the permanent cure for the functional health problems; be it in the fields of psychological problems, cardio-vascular problems, renal problems, asthmatic problems, liver problems, immunisation power of the body, etc., has not been found. Astrology offers us the preventive diagnostic power and the astral remedies both for preventive as well as curative measures. Administering medicine is supported manifold when combined with the astral remedies. The planetary periods operating indicate the time frame for recovery. This in turn gives patience and results of the symptomatic treatment both to the doctor and the patient.


Events/indications in life are ruled by planets, houses, signs and planetary periods. The planets during their operating periods bless the native with the significations ruled by them depending upon their strength and placement in a particular horoscope. Identifying the weakness/affliction of planets is not at all a difficult job and can be learnt by beginners or non-astrologers with the help of my book, "SELF LEARNING COURSE IN ASTROLOGY". The dual competence of the medical personnel will help the humanity at large and will enhance the satisfaction and personal eminence of the medical practitioners. Besides the formerly mentioned diseases, the astral remedies tackle the problem of sterility, impotency, help in getting a healthy child/male child in addition to the other areas of life governed by the same planet e.g. professional growth, harmonious married life, acquisition of wealth/property and status. For example one with defects in the right eye suffers in his professional growth, suffers from loss of status, problems in married life and would be vulnerable to cardio vascular diseases, thyroid glands, etc. At the same time, one with phenomenal ambitions will have nervous breakdown, acidity and runs the risk of a paralytic attack. I hope this gives clear understanding of the linkage between the planetary strengths and diseases, general problems in life, etc.

Afflictions to the planets/houses are caused by the close conjunction or aspect of the functional malefic planets in a nativity. The functional malefic planets are the key analytical factors in the horoscopic analysis. Besides Rahu and Ketu the planets whose mooltrikona signs are in the malefic houses (sixth, eighth and twelfth houses) with reference to the ascendant, act as functional malefic planets in a nativity. For this purpose the sign Cancer is considered as mooltrikona sign of the Moon. In exceptional cases, when Rahu is well placed in a mooltrikona sign of a planet, does not cause any conjunction or close aspect with other houses/planets and the depositor planet is strong, Rahu too gives good results during the course of its sub periods for materialistic prosperity. The strength of the houses and the signs is gauged through the strength of their lords and the conjunctions/aspects to the most effective point of the houses.


Events fructify in the sub periods of indicative planets. Therefore, it is very important that we understand the method of analysing the dasa (main period) and bhukti (sub period) results. The results of the general signifactions of the sub period lord depend upon its strength, placement, conjunction and aspects to the same. The significations of the house of placement are touched when transit planets create benefic or malefic influences on the sub period lord. In the sub period of a planet, the following significations are touched:-

(1) The general significations of the planet. For example the Sun rules father, social status, position with the government, male child, digestive system, heart, blood pressure, etc.

(2) The significations of the house where the mooltrikona sign of the said planet is placed. In case in the mooltrikona sign house some malefic planet is placed or some malefic planet is aspecting the most effective point of the said house, during the sub period of the ruling planet the significations of the mooltrikona sign house shall not prosper and face problem indicated by the afflicting planet depending upon the lordship. The rising degree in the ascendant is known as the most effective point of all the houses. Let us see these two points with the help of an example:


The 23 degree rises in the Ascendant. Therefore, the most effective point of all the houses will be 23 degree. Any planet conjunct within 5 degrees on either side i.e. within 18 degrees to 28 degrees in that house would be influencing the significations of the house in question in a pronounced manner depending upon the functional nature of that planet. The planet Moon is placed at 24 degrees in the third house in the sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn. The Moon is a functional malefic planet as it rules the eighth house. Since the Moon is conjunct with the most effective point of the third house, not only it mars the initiatives of the person but during the sub periods of both the Moon and Saturn it will not allow any ventures/initiatives of the persons to succeed. The aspect of the Moon to the ninth house most effective point would also cause obstructions to the significations of the ninth house during the sub periods of both the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is lord of the ninth house while the Moon is aspecting and influencing the ninth house. In such cases if the planet Sun is well placed and strong as in this case the impact of the influence of the Moon would be somewhat milder than if the Sun is badly placed and weak. As the Saturn is badly placed in the sixth house and is weak due to its being in the state of infancy the impact on the third house and during the sub periods of the Moon and Saturn would be quite grave.

(3) The significations of the house where the planet is placed.


THE PLANETS The Moon and Mercury

THE HOUSES Fourth and fifth

THE SIGNS Cancer and Leo

The Moon is significator of mind while Mercury rules the nerves and communicative capabilities controlled by the brain. The fourth house signifies the mental status while the fifth house signifies the power of the brain in receiving, analysing, absorbing and rejecting the various messages caused by the planetary influences during the sub period of various planets. The signs Cancer and Leo are significators of the mental potentialities - both weak and strong. As mentioned above, the indications of the signs fructify through the strength of their lords

The psychiatrical problems can be long term as well as short term. The afflictions in the natal charts to the significators cause long term problems. The transit afflictions cause short term problems. Needless to stress that the afflictions are caused by the close conjunctions/aspect of the functional malefic planets in a nativity to other planets/houses.


The problems in life are caused by weak planets and/or afflictions to them. Therefore, two way application of astral remedies is administered after diagnosing the problematic planetary influences in a chart. Firstly, the strength is provided to the weak functionally benefic planets. The strength can be provided by various methods, e.g. stones, colour therapy, KAVACH (the protective shield containing mystical numbers of the planets) in an auspicious time. Secondly, the maleficience of the functionally malefic planets is reduced by offering propitiatory charities concerning these planets. The two way application helps in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences to a large extent. The preventive use of astral remedies is much more useful than the curative astral remedies.


Generally, people resort to astral remedies in the end after trying all other therapies ignoring the distinct advantage of preventive diagnostic power of the astrological science. Needless to stress the benefit of preventive medicine/redressal measures as against those of the curative measures.

For both - curative and preventive remedies - the judicious mixture of the following astral remedies is employed:


This is a very potent preventive remedy for epilepsy, mental retardation, psychic problems, etc. and is practised through the use of favourable colours in the matters of dress and furnishings in one's living room.


Again this is preventive as well as curative therapy for solving the problems in physical and spiritual areas. Wider applications of this therapy are in the field of success of professional ventures. This is practised through use of outlay of a building to derive geo-magnetic forces for properly energising the total impact of building with the help of light, air, space and aura conducive to the main functionary.


This is a protective shield containing mystical numbers of the functionally benefic planets in a nativity and is a strengthening measure. The weak and afflicted planets are enabled to protect and promote their significations. The Kavach is worn in a specially elected auspicious time for generating the desired impact. This is used both for preventive and curative purpose.


These are offered for the planets causing afflictions/problems in a horoscope.


As part of the meditation, the recitation of Mantras is prescribed for propitiating the trouble causing planets as per the Vedic rituals.


By way of a few case studies, we shall see the horoscopic analysis for psychiatrical problems and the results where the astral remedies were administered.


(Male born 15th January, 1973, at 0055 Hrs.)

The planets Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are the functional malefics in this nativity. Mercury afflicts the planet Jupiter. Rahu afflicts the planets Mercury and Jupiter. The planet Saturn, being lord of the fifth house, alongwith the Moon is badly placed in the eighth house. The significator planets the Moon, Mercury and the fifth house are badly afflicted and weak. The Sun is in the state of infancy. Because of the natal afflictions the psychiatrical problem manifested in this case for a very long duration. The native was a student of engineering studies when suddenly during the sub period of the Moon in the main period of Mars the mental stress increased. Because of the weakness of the Moon due to bad placement the native could not cope with the mental stress and started complaining headache, pain in body and sleeplessness. In the following sub period of Rahu in its own main period the situation became grim and the native could not return to the studies. Finally, the large gap compelled discontinuance of studies. In February, 1994, the native's parents approached for astrological remedies. The native was prescribed wearing of a Kavach and charities for the planets Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. The performance of the astral remedies could bring the native out of difficult situation and from the year 1995 when the sub-period of Jupiter was in progress the native started visiting the family business place. Not only now the native is almost fully recovered from his psychiatrical problem but he is keen for his vocational rehabilitation in life as the sub period of Saturn is approaching. The wearing of the Kavach is providing strength to the weak planets like Saturn, the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter in the nativity.


(Male born 25th March, 1981, at 1728 Hrs.)

The Moon is in its sign of debilitation. The fifth lord, Jupiter, alongwith Saturn, is under the aspect of the Ketu from the sixth house. The badly placed Sun and Mars are under the close aspect of Rahu from the twelfth house. Though, apparently the planet Mercury is well placed and unafflicted but the sub period of Mercury also does not help. During the sub period of Mercury the results of the second house, where its mooltrikona sign is placed, would be touched and as the affliction of Jupiter - the fifth lord - takes place there, the sub period of Mercury would be of little help. As soon as the sub period of Mars in the dasa of Saturn started there were problems to the father in his business and from the Govt. The circumstances in the home created tension for the native. With the onset of the sub period of Rahu in the dasa of Saturn and the affliction of the Sun by Rahu triggered the acute tension for the native which involved his father as well as the Sun is a natural significator of the father. In the beginning of the year 1994 the astral remedies were sought when the natal afflictions and the long duration were explained to the father. Though the astral remedies were started but to cut short the duration more stress was placed on the psychiatric treatment in comparison to the astral remedies. The prolonged psychiatric treatment proved of no help and the native's father returned again to the astral remedies. The performance of astral remedies is steering the native clear of the problem. The last edge is the transit affliction of transit Ketu to the natal debilitated Moon from March, 97 to May,97, after which the progress achieved will be consolidated and the child would be in a position to lead a normal life.


(Female born in May, 1975).

The lord of the fourth house, Venus, is badly placed. There is no mooltrikona sign in the fifth house and as such the lord of the fifth house is not under consideration. The planet Mercury is well placed and unafflicted. The Moon is weak due to its being in the state of infancy. The lord of the sign Leo, the Sun, is well placed. The chart does not indicate long term problem as there are no natal afflictions. When the transit Rahu became stationary and aspected closely the natal Mercury from August, 1996, to November, 1996, the native got mentally disturbed. The continued stress for over three months necessitated consultation with a psychiatrist. The lack of improvement compelled the parents of the native to seek astral remedies which helped the native with immediate improvement during the later part of November, 1996. The transit influence of Rahu and Jupiter to natal Ketu and transit in later part of Dec.' 1996, gave another disturbance. As there is no natal affliction, the performance of astral remedies on continued basis is likely to arrest the reoccurrence.


(Male born 15th April, 1978,at 1230 Hrs.)

The planets Moon and Mercury are weak. The Moon is in old age and is badly placed while Mercury is in its sign of debilitation. The lord of the fourth house is well placed and unafflicted. There is no mooltrikona sign in the fifth house. The Sun is in the state of infancy. The chart does show some natal afflictions. Due to the natal afflictions and weaknesses during the sub period of the Moon the native suffered from psychic problem and had to undergo psychiatrical treatment. The school was discontinued. The problem showed its acute stage when the transit Rahu exerted its stationary influence over the natal Rahu between August, 96, to November, 1996. The astral remedies were sought towards the end of November, 1996, which helped. Use of Kavach and propitiatory measures were suggested for Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter.


(Female born in December, 1972.)

Rahu exerts its influence over the most effective point of the fifth house. Ketu exerts its influence over the Moon by way of fifth aspect. There is no mooltrikona sign in the fourth house. The fifth house lord is placed in the fifth house but the affliction of Rahu on the most effective point of the fifth house takes precedence over the good placement of Jupiter, the lord of the fifth house. The Sun is well placed and unafflicted. Though Mercury is well placed but it is weak due to its being in the state of infancy. The sub period of Rahu was in operation from May, 1995, to March, 1998. Due to the affliction of Rahu the life was fully disturbed on marital front. The stationary influence of Rahu on the ascending degree in the second house between April, 96, to May, 96, resulted in separation from the in laws family and the native suffered from the psychiatrical problem and had to undergo psychiatrical treatment. Neither the native is in a position to perform propitiatory remedies nor she is ready to wear the Kavach due to acute affliction of Rahu. Whenever, Rahu's affliction on the fifth house is so acute the improvement becomes very difficult and people start thinking that the person is under the evil influence of evil spirits. The direction of treatment both medical and astral is lost to inflict much more problem on the native. The performance of astral remedies by the parents of the native in such cases bring slow improvement which can be further accelerated when the native himself/herself agrees to perform the astral remedies.

I am sure the case studies will enable the readers to come out of the confusions, inconsistencies and contradictions prevalent in the so called classical literature. In the next part, we shall take up the case studies on delayed marriages.

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