The following article was published in  "The Times of Astrology"  Magazine of New
Delhi in Sep 1999 issue

                  By P.V.R.Rayudu and M.C.Appa
Astrology is a noble science. It is as old as the ages of  the Vedas. It depends
on the position of the planets ascertained astronomically. It explains the
celestial phenomena and corresponding terrestrial events. The true meaning of
Astrology is the "Message of the Stars".

The whole world is run according to a well-defined plan. Nothing happens by
chance and Nothing happens as an accident/chance. The divine plan is wall
arranged and is timed with amazing precision. Astrology can be correctly
interpreted only by a genius endowed with Divine grace and wisdom The basic aim
of astrology is to offer correct prediction through natal birth chart, horary,
nadi, traditional or Krishnamurti Paddhati. The simpler and easier is the method
followed, the better.

Branches of Astrology
astro-meteorology, electional astrology(muhurthas), nadi and omens(shakunas)

What is Birth Chart (Natal)?
Natal astrology concerns broadly with the life of human beings. A birth chart
(Janma kundali) is made out for the moment of birth and for the particular place
of birth. (Latitude and longitude being taken for calculation). Given standard
time had to be converted into sidereal time. For a given sidereal time, the
ascendant (lagna_) and the cusps of the other houses can be obtained with the
help of "Table of houses' referring to the desired latitude. Nirayana system of
longitudes for the ascendant and other bhavas and planets are used. The
Vimsottari dasa system is only used. Similarly the position of planets for any
given time of birth /event can be obtained from a reliable ephemeris. By
plotting the position of ascendant, other cusps and the corresponding planets as
scientific Nirayana chart is prepared. One should first become very familiar
with natal astrology especially as regards to the casting of horoscope; local
time correction the nature of sign/house/planets and aspects. Then only one can
handle horary astrology and become perfect. Honestly many decades will be needed
to carryout the research on the natal horoscopes to find out the truth.

We deal now with Horary astrology in this article.

Horary Astrology
Horary astrology deals with the preparation of the chart at time of the question
and reading the results. This branch of science is mysterious, perfect and most
useful. After thoroughly understanding the principles, correct, clear and
precise predictions can be offered. This helps the astrologers to confirm what
prediction he has to give by using other methods, when explained will convince
and satisfy the consultant Generally, this branch of science/astrology is
resorted to mostly by those who have no horoscopes or who doubt the correctness
of them. This branch can answer all questions and clear all doubts, like
longevity, health, success or failure in one's enterprise, foreign travel/his
return, time of marriage, description of partner, divorce, re-union, birth &
death of children, examination results, recovery of lost articles, speculation,
gain by lottery, litigation and anything on earth. On many occasions, there are
contradictory indications according to the birth charts. On such occasions, we
can make the best use of horary astrology for proper guidance and confirmation.
Even when one decides to offer prediction using other branches of the science,
horary astrology has to be used as a final safe method to declare with
confidence, the results already obtained. Vimsottari dasa system is used in
horary astrology.

Why Horary Astrology is preferred?
To erect a horoscope with twelve cusps and insert the planets at correct
postion, the time of birth should be very accurate. Because of use of various
times (postal/railways/standard times/local time and inaccuracies of clocks, the
time of birth in most of the cases is not correct at all. Whereas in horary
astrology one takes the moment of the judgement (working the question), makes a
chart and offers the result. This horoscope will be very correct and the results
also will be amazingly accurate. It is most useful as one can have the
results/the solution for one's problem in a few minutes. Horary astrology is
also very useful to make the selection out of the many (as found in natal chart)
and get precise answer.

Horary- Traditional Astrology
Prasna Jnana depends on the intelligent anticipation, proper application and
interpretation by the astrologer (plattotpala). According to Jataka Parijata,
Saravali, ten conditions of planets are taken into consideration (exaltation,
debilitation, own house, kendra, kona, pakshabala, guna status, aspects, and
various amsas of charts etc.

Most traditional astrologers use the time of  the consultant putting the
question for erection of horary chart(Prasna kundali).They use the standard
ayanamsa which they have been following.

Time of Erecting a Horary Chart
Many doubts have arisen about the proper time to be taken for the chart of a
horary question to be erected. Some think when the consultant is first seen by
the astrologer; some think when querent enquires of him. The consultant may send
a letter by post on a particular day, date and time. The astrologer receives the
same on particular date and time. But the astrologer may actually take up the
question at a different time. If the question comes to the astrologer's mind, he
casts the chart for the moment of his thought using the latitude/longitude of
the place where he stays at that moment. Therefore, the time of judgement
(working question by the astrologer) alone must be taken to give the query put
by the consultant and the horary number which he has given/written should remain
the same.

Horary- "Krishnamurti Paddhati" (KP) System (Advanced Stellar System)
For casting the horoscope (natal/horary), as per Krishnamurthy Paddhati, the
following books i.e. KP Ephemeris, Raphael's Table of Houses, KP ayanamsa, KP
Horary Table of Houses (for numbers 1 to 249). These 1 to 249 nembers (subs)are
derived in KP system as in proportion to the division of a constellation  into
SUB portion in terms of Vimsottari Dasa system .The readers can find the details
from any KP system text books.

Each planet or Horary Number (1 to 249) governs three zones in the zodiac; the
sign-the star /constellation-and the sub. The sign lord planet is the source,
the constellation shows the nature of the event and the SUB is the deciding
factor ie favorable or not. Even though the sign, the sign lord, and the
constellation lord may indicate very many subjects/points, it is the Sub-lord
who ultimately decides which of them applies to the individual. The time of
query or the Horary number serves the ascendant of the querist. Each SUB (1 to
249) covering the entire zodiac of 12 rasis is allotted or specific sign-sign
lord, star lord and sub-lord.

Horary No,      Sign    Sign lord       Star lord       Sub Lord
1               Aries   Mars            Ketu            Ketu0deg0min
127             Libra   Venus           Mars            Ven 2 deg  40 min
249             Pisces  Jup             Merc            Sat 27.53 to 30 deg                                                      

These horary numbers with the corresponding sign lord, star lord and sub lords
are given in table of Houses KP textbooks for reference.

KP Ayanamsa is to be taken to prepare the chart as per KP system. This will be
different from other Ayanamsas used by others (difference upto 1 deg.)

Ruling Planets- KP
Whatever is born or done at any particular moment of time has the qualities of
that particular moment. The map of heavens prepared for by the moment of time
represents all the ingredients of the moment, whether of a birth of human being/
thought/ question / event/matter. The Ruling planets (RP's) will be a "Common
Link" at the three stages of the event (the past, the present and the future).
The Ruling Planets governing the sensitive point of the zodiac at the time of
judgement are the same at the time of fructification of an event/matter.
Therefore the R.P's indicate the nature of the query and the time of
fructification of an event. The RP's will also fully agree with the
Dasa-Bhukti-Antara period in operation.
The RP's in their ascending order of strength

Are: the Day lord, the Moon sign (Rasi) lord the Moon star and sub-lord, the
Ascendant sign (lagna)lord, the Ascendant star and sub-lord.

Traditional Astrology and KP system
There is no difference between the Krishnmurti Paddhati (KP) and the Traditional
Hindu (Vedic) astrology, so far as calculations are concerned ie upto the level
of preparation of a horoscope, calculation of balance and future Dasa-Bhukti
periods. The first point of difference is in the reckoning of 'Houses". In
traditional astrology 'Bhavas' regardless of the rising degree-minute-seconds
longitude at the birth, Bhava charts are prepared as per equal house system,
Sripati system etc.

In the KP, the 'Placidius' system of reckoning the house is followed ie
longitude to longitude or the 'Cusp Rule'. In KP for any event ie childbirth,
marriage, education etc normally one Main Bhava (cusp) and other two bhavas are
taken into consideration along with the sub-lord of the Main cusp.


For childbirth: Houses 2,5 and 11 and main cusp sub lord of V is taken into
account. The 2nd house shows the increase in the number of the member of the
family by birth of children; the 5th house is for offspring (progeny) and the
11th house is not only the fruit of one's action but also the 5th house to the
7th -partner. Any child! Whether one is promised child or not is to judged from
the 5th cusp (main)

One will be able to produce children if the following three conditions are
simultaneously satisfied  -  i ) the sublord of the 5th cusp is not retrograde
ii) it is not posited in a constellation of a retrograde planet and  iii) it is
a significator of either 2nd or 5th or 11th house. If any one of three
conditions is not satisfied, one will not be able to produce a child at all. By
application of the above rule if the answer is positive childbirth is promised.
Then the next question is when? One has to select the significators of  houses
2,5 and 11 and the timing will be during the conjoined period of the string

Note: If the sublord of the V cusp is retrograde or otherwise a strong
significator. There will be delay till the sublord becomes direct in offering
the positive result. If however, if the sublord of the V cusp is retrograde and
is posited in a constellation whose lord is also a retrograde planet, then it
will result only in a failure. (Retrograde theory does not apply to Birth-Natal
charts). By selecting "Common Planets" from among the significators of houses
2,5 & 11 and the 'Ruling Planets', the Karaka (chief significator) of the event,
and looking to transitting planets of the Dasa -Bhukti-Anthara periods in
operation exact timing of the event is arrived at with amazing accuracy.

In this connection, mention of great significance attached to Nodes (Rahu &
Ketu) in KP system in note-worthy.

In Traditional system, Rahu & Ketu do not seem to have been given much
importance and are treated like any other planets. Whereas in KP system Rahu &
Ketu play a very important role, because a) they offer the results of the
planets which they are conjoined with, b) they offer the results of the planets
which are aspecting c) they offer the results of the lord of the house in which
the nodes are posited d) lastly they offer the results of the planets in whose
constellation they are posited.

Methodology and Practical Examples
To apply the scheme of analysis from Horary Astrology point of view,
events-everyday for one year is collected. Then some important events of about
30 are segregated out this list. Since they are daily events, Moon and Lagna are
given the prime consideration for analysis to understand the occurrence of the
event along with the other planetary

The event occring on a particular day at a particular time will be differnet for
differnet persons. Hence it is necessary to link the event with the natal birth
chart of the individual depending on the Vimsottari Dasa periods running on that
day and this type of event should be broadly visible in the natal birth chart.

Four examples are discussed below with respect to Horary astrology linking it
with the Natal birth Chart.

Example 1: Event- Visit to temple, Date 25-1-98,11.30 AM

Birth Chart
Name: Mr. A
D.O.B: 21/20-3-1928 (Wed/ Tues.)
T.O.B: 3-19 AM
P.O.B: Long :75.41 E
Lat. :14.15 N
K.P.A: 22.45

Pisces          Aries           Taurus                  Gemini
III 19.47  :               :                       :              :
Jup 19.46  :               :                       :              :
Sun 7.17   :    IV 20.49   :    V 17.59Rahu 20.46  :    VI 13.37  :
Moon 24.19 :                                       :              :
II 15.14   :                                       :              :
Ven 10.39  :                                       :              :
Mer 9.36   :                                       :    VII 10.56 :
-------------                                      : ------------ :
Mar 23.42  :                                       :              :
Asc 10.56  :                                       :    VIII 15.14:
           :                                       :              :
           :                                       :              :
Fort 27.57 :                :                      :              :
XII 13.37  :                :                      :              :
Sat 26.19  :                :                      :              :
           :     Ket 20.46  :                      :              :
           :     XI 17.59   :     X 20.49          :    IX 19.47  :
           :                :                      :              :
Sagittarius     Scorpio           Libra                 Virgo


Planets         Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
Sun             Jup             Sat             Mer
Moon            Sat             Jup             Merc
Mars            Sat             Mars            Mars
Merc            Sat             Rahu            Jup
Jup             Jup             Ven             Merc
Ven             Sat             Rahu            Sat
Sat             Mar             Mer             Jup
Rahu            Ven             Moon            Ven
Ket             Mars            Merc            Ven

Cusp            Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
I               Sat             Moon            Moon
II              Sat             Rah             Ven
III             Jup             Mer             Ven
IV              Mar             Ven             Jup
V               Ven             Moon            Merc
VI              Merc            Rahu            Merc
VII             Moon            Sat             Sun
VIII            Sun             Ven             Ven
IX              Merc            Moon            Ketu
X               Ven             Jup             Jup
XI              Mar             Merc            Merc
XII             Jup             Ven             Ven

Rahu represents: Sat, Ven, Moon; Ketu represents: Sat, Jup, Mars, Merc
Ruling Planets (birth):
Day (Tuesday): Mars; Moon Sign ( Kumbha):Sat, Moon Star (P.Bhadra2) Jup;
Asc. Sign (Makara): Sat,
Asc.Star (Sravana) Moon
From            To              Dasa    Bhukti  Antara  Sookshma
13.1.98         3.2.98          Ven     Mer     Mer     Mer
3.11.98         26.11.98        Ven     Mer     Ven     Jup

Event: Visit to the Temple (Religious Place)

Transit Chart
Name: Mr A
11.30 AM

Sat 21.13

                Asc 4.24        II 5.16        III 2.16 IV 27.16

XII 27.16
Ket 18.42
Mar 6.9
Jup 3,53

                                                V 25.16
XI 25.18
Sun 11.19

                                                Rahu 18.42
                                                VI 27.16
Ven 27.29
X 27.16
Moon 2.34
IX 2,16         VIII 5.16       VII 4.24


Planets         Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
Sun             Sat             Moo             Mar
Moon            Jup             Ket             Ven
Mars            Sat             mar             Moo
Merc            Jup             Ven             Sat
Jup             Sat             Mar             Ven
Ven             Jup             Sun             Moo
Sat             Jup             Merc            Ven
Rahu            Sun             Ven             Rahu
Ket             Sat             Rah             Moo

Cusp            Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
I               Mars            Ket             Moon
II              Ven             Sun             Merc
III             Merc            Mars            Ket
IV              Merc            Jup             Ven
V               Moon            Merc            Rahu
VI              Sun             Sun             Sun
VII             Ven             Mars            Ven
VIII            Mars            Sat             Sat
IX              Jup             Ket             Ven
X               Jup             Sun             Sun
XI              Sat             Mar             Rah
XII             Sat             Jup             Ven

From    To      Dasa    Bhukti  Antara  Sookshma
13.1.98 3.2.98  Ven     Mer     Mer     Mer      (as per Natal chart)


Event: Visit to Religious place Temple
From transit chart
Ascendant:  Mesha: Mars-Ketu-Moon
Ascendant lord : Mars Lord of 1 posited in 11 closeted by Jupiter and Ketu both
religious and spiritual planets
Sub lord of Ascendant: Moon Lord of 5th posited in 9
Sublord Moon is in the star of Ketu posited in 11
Sublord Moon is in the sub of Venus posited in 10
10 Moon indicates what is going on in the mind. Moon as lord of 5,aspect from
other things, it signifies religious mindedness, chanting of mantras/spiritual
2) Position of Moon in 9 signifies among other things, philosophy, religious
beliefs, temple/church, pilgrimage to holy places, Dharma etc. Further Moon's
transit in Ketu star (Moola in Dhanus) in 9 again confirms spiritual knowledge.

So Visit to the temple/holy place on that particular day/date is fully reflected
and confirmed.

Now let us verify with the natal chart and its Dasa-Bhukti-Antara periods

From            To              Dasa    Bhukti          Antara  Sookshma
13-1-98         3-2-98          Ven     Merc            Merc    Merc

1) Dasa lord Ven lord of 5 & 10,posited in the Ascendant, (conjunct with Merc
and Moon.)  Sat & Ketu aspect the 5th (Rahu represents Ven). Significance of 5th
bhava has already been discussed above. The 10th house apart from other things
indicates inclination to pilgrimage to holy places.
2) 2) Bhukti , Antara and Sookshma lord is Merc-lord  of 9th in 1.This Merc is
posited in Rahu star and Jup sub ( the analysis of which has already been made)

So the event in question is broadly and clearly signified in the natal chart

For Natal birth chart please refer above.

Example 2; Event- Visit to hospital-eye trouble, Date 16-11-98, 9.30 AM

Name: Mr A
Transit Chart On 16.11.98 (Mon.) at 9.30 AM Hyderabad
Event: Visit to Hospital-eye trouble
Transit Chart
Name Mr. A
11.30 AM

IV 20.32

                Sat 4.38®
                V 20.24         VI 16.24        VII 11.9

III 17.32
Ket 3.6

                                                VIII 13.5

II 13.5

                                                Rahu 3.6
                                                IX 17.32
                                                Mar 29.53

Asc 11.9        Mer 21.54
                XII 16.24
                Ven 4.8         Sun 29.51
                                XI 20.24        X 20.32
                                                Moon 27.3



Planets         Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
Sun             Ven             Jup             Moor
Moon            Merc            Mars            Jup
Mars            Sun             Sun             Rah
Merc            Mars            Merc            Sun
Jup             Sat             Jup             Merc
Ven             Mars            sat             Sat
Sat             Mars            Ket             Moon
Rahu            Sun             Ket             Sun
Ket             Sat             Mar             Ven


Cusp            Sign lord       Star lord       Sub lord
I               Jup             Ket             Sat
II              Sat             Moon            Rah
III             Sat             Rah             Sun
IV              Jup             Merc            Ven
V               Mars            Ven             Jup
VI              Ven             Moon            Sat
VII             Merc            Rah             Sat
VIII            Moon            Sat             Rahu
IX              Sun             Ven             Mars
X               Mer             Moon            Ven
XI              Ven             Jup             Jup
XII             Mars            Sat             Jup

Rahu represents: Mars, Jup, Sun, Ket; Ketu represents: Jup, Jup, Sat

From    To      Dasa    Bhukti  Antara  Sookshma
3.11.98 26.11.98Ven     Mer     Ven     Jup        (as per natal chart)


Transit chart 16-11-98,9.30 AM
Event Visit to hospital-eye trouble
Ascendant Dhanus Jup-Ketu-Sat
1) Sub lord Sat lord of 2 (right eye)& 3(nervous system) posited in 4, in the
star of Ketu(cataract) posited in 2nd.
2) VI House of sickness Taurus(denotes eyes sore) -Ven (eyes in
Since the sublord of the VI Sat is also the sublord of the ascendant, the VII
&VIII&XII by the star lord level. Sickness pertaining to eye and trouble there
off is clearly indicated (nervous system)
3) Sun indicates right eye & Moon indicates left eye. Ven is Karaka for
eyesight. Any affliction to planets ie Sun, Moon in the 2nd/12th house will
cause eye trouble. Taurus denotes right eye and Pisces denotes the left one.
In the KP system: Sun Moon & Ven will give vision.

So any planet who is strong significator of 2nd house/12th house and connected
with Sun Moon Ven Rahu & Sat will give eye trouble.

So VI house lord Ven is posited in 12 and being in the star & sub of Sat
indicate clearly eye trouble especially right one.

Let us compare with the natal chart:

From            To              Dasa    Bhukti          Antara  Sookshma
3-1198          26-11-98        Ven     Merc            Ven     Jup

Dasa and Antara lord Ven is lord of 10 posited in 1.Ven is in Rahu star & Sat
sub. As per KP Rahu represents Sat, Ven, & Moon. Sat is in the star of Mer who
is lord of 6 in 1. Moon is lord of 7 posited in 2, Sookshma lord Jup is lord of
12 posited in 2.
Since the VI bhava and its significators (Mer, Jup, Sat, Ket), for the 1st bhava
Sun, Ven, for the 12th bhava Moon & Jup have also connection with the
1st(ascendant); cause of disease (eye trouble) is broadly indicated.

The Eye specialist diagnosed that the sore was due to allergy caused by
pollution and the right eye is more defective than the left eye due to setting
of a cataract.

Note: the doctor/physician requires the presence of the person and demands
various pathological tests/reports for diagnosis and come to the conclusion for
proper treatment,.
whereas a knowledgeable and scientific astrologer needs only the correct and an
accurate horoscope to arrive at the correct prediction.

For natal chart please refer above.

Example 3: Event- Expenditure-Issue of check, Date 16-11-98, 12.00 Noon

Example 3:Name Mr A   Transit Chart  On 16.11.98 ( Mon. at12 noon, Hyderabad
Event: Expenditure -Issue of check
ransit Chart
Name: Mr. A
11.30 AM

III 29.46

                Sat 4.38®
                IV 29.46        V 25.46         VI 20.46
II 25.46
Jup 24.27
Ket 3.5
                                                VII 19.27
I 19.27                                         Rahu 3.5
                                                VIII 25.46
                                                Mar 29.56

XII 20.46       XI 25.46
                Mer 21.58
                Ven 4,15        Sun 29.57
                                X 29.46         Moo  28.17
                                                IX 29.46


Planets         Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
Sun             Ven             Jup             Moo
Moon            Merc            Mars            Sat
Mars            Sun             Sun             Rah
Merc            Mars            Sat             Sat
Jup             Sat             Jup             Merc
Ven             Mars            Mar             Ven
Sat             Mars            Ket             Moo
Rahu            Sun             Ket             Sun
Ket             Sat             Mar             Ven


Cusp            Sign lord       Star lord               Sub lord
I               Sat             Moo             Mer
II              Sat             Jup             Merc
III             Jup             Mer             Sat
IV              Mar             Sun             Rah
V               Ven             Mar             Rah
VI              Merc            Jup             Jup
VII             Moon            Merc            Ven
VIII            Sun             Ven             Merc
IX              Merc            Mars            Sat
X               Ven             Jup             Moon
XI              Mars            Merc            Rahu
XII             Jup             Ven             Jup

Rahu represents: Mars, Jup, Sun, Ket ; Ketu represents: Jup, Mars, Ket

From    To      Dasa    Bhukti  Antara  Sookshma
3.11.98 26.11.98Ven     Mer     Ven     Jup        (as per natal chart)

Transit chart Date 16-11-98,12 noon
Event Expenditure-Issue of check

1) Houses 2 (finance/wealth) 12 (expenditure/loss, reduction in bank balance)
Main cusp II
Horary ascendant Dhanus Jup-Ketu-Sat
Horary ascendant star Ket a natural malefic posited in 2nd.
Horary ascendant sublord Sat® who is in the star of Ketu. This Sat aspects the
2nd bhava.
this sub lord of ascendant Sat is in the sublord of Moon. Moon
As lord of 8 is posited in 10.The 10th house is negation to 11(labha/gains)
3) Karaka for 2nd finance/money Jup
4) Jup is in the star of Jup and in the sub of Merc. Sub lord of Merc lord of7 &
10 in 12.

So the above significators 2,7,10,12 etc are clear indication of issue of check
i.e. loss of money (reduction in the bank balance)

Let us verify this fact with the natal chart.
On 16-11-98 Dasa-Bhukti-Antara were as follows

From            To              Dasa    Bhukti          Antara  Sookshma
3-11-98         26-11-98        Ven     Merc            Ven     Jup

Dasa lord Ven lord of 5 & 10 posited in 1
Bhukti lord Merc lord of 6 & 9 posited in 1
Sookshma lord Jup lord of 3 & 12 posited in 2

So birth chart broadly indicates the connection to financial transaction whereas
the transit chart shows in details (whether benefic/malefic)

For birth chart refer above.

Example 4: Event- Marriage, Date 27-5-94, 12 Noon

Name: Mr  R   Birth Chart
Birth Chart
Name: Mr. R
Lat. 14.15 N
Long 75.41 E
KPA 23.10.27

VIII 7.26
Mer 0.29        Fort 0.20
                IX 8.33
                Ket 10.44       X 9.29          XI 9.18

Sun 25.14

VII 8.13
                                                XII 8.40

Ven 13.51
VI 8.40
Mar 1.8

                                                Asc 8.13
V 9.18
Sat 1.58        IV 9.29         Moon 17.20
                                Rah 10.44
                                III 8.33
                                Jup ® 7.45      II 7.26

Planets         Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
Sun             Sat             Jup             Merc
Moon            Ven             Rah             Ven
Mars            Sat             Sun             Rah
Merc            Jup             Jup             Moon
Jup             Ven             Rah             Rah
Ven             Sat             Moo             Rah
Sat             Jup             Ket             Ven
Rahu            Ven             Rah             Sat
Ket             Mars            Ket             Sat

Cusp            Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
I               Sun             Ket             Jup
II              Merc            Sun             Ket
III             Ven             Rah             rah
IV              Mar             Sat             Ven
V               Jup             Ket             Jup
VI              Sat             Sun             Ven
VII             Sat             Rah             Rah
VIII            Jup             Sat             Ket
IX              Mars            Ket             Jup
X               Ven             Sun             Ven
XI              Mer             Rah             Jup
XII             Moon            Sat             Ven

Rahu represents Moon, Jup, Ven, Rah; Ketu represents: Mar, Moon, Jup, Ket

From    To      Dasa    Bhukti  Antara  Sookshma
23.5.94 30.5.94 Sat     Jup     Jup     Ket

Ruling Planets: (at birth) Day Lord Sun; Moon: Ven- Rah- Ven;

Example 4:Name: Mr R Transit Chart On 27.5.94(Fri) at 12 noon, Hyderabad

Transit Chart
Name: Mr. R
12 noon, Hyderabad

VIII 6.50       IX 7.50
                Mar 8.50        X 8.50
                Ket 29.40       Sun 12.4        Mer 4.48
                                                XI 8.50
                                                Ven 13.46
Sat 18.8
VII  8.11
                                                XII 8.50
VI 8.50                                         I 8.11

V 8.50          IV 8.50         Rah 29.40
                                III 7.50
                                                II 6.50


Planets         Sign Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
Sun             Ven             Moon            Rah
Moon            Jup             Ket             Sat
Mars            Mars            Ket             Jup
Merc            Merc            Mars            Ven
Jup             Ven             Rah             Merc
Ven             Merc            Rah             Merc
Sat             Sat             Rah             Moon
Rahu            Ven             Jup             Moon
Ket             Mars            Sun             Rahu


Cusp            Sigh Lord       Star Lord       Sub Lord
I               Sun             Ket             Jup
II              Merc            Sun             Merc
III             Ven             Rahu            Rahu
IV              Mars            Sat             Ven
V               Jup             Ket             Jup
VI              Sat             Sun             Ven
VII             Sat             Rah             Rah
VIII            Jup             Sat             Merc
IX              Mars            Ket             Jup
X               Ven             Sun             Ven
XI              Merc            Rahu            Jup
XII             Moon            Sat             Ven

Rahu represents: Jup, Mars, Ven; Ketu represents: Mars ,Sat, Jup, Sun

From    To      Dasa    Bhukti  Antara  Sookshma
23.5.94 30.5.94 Sat     Jup     Jup     Ket
Ruling Planet on the day of marriage: Day (Fri) Ven; Moon sign Dhanus, star
Moola4 Ket, sub Sat, Asc sign (Simha) Sun, star Makha3 Ket, sub Jup
Marriage from Transit chart
Consider houses 2,7,11 Main cusp VII
Moon is lord of 12th posited in 5 (in Dhanus)
Apart from other subjects, Moon indicates bed comforts, expenses, children, love
and romance etc.
12th house is 2nd from 11th; 5th house is 11th from 7th; 5th house is 7th from
Moon is in Ketu's star and Ketu is posited in 9th. 9th is 11th to 11th
So Moon confirms marriage.
Dasa-Bhukti-Antara at the time of marriage (27-5-94) Sat-Jup-Ket
Sat lord of 7 posited in 7
Sat is in the star of Rahu posited in 3
Rahu represents Ven, who is lord of 3 & 10 posited in 11
Bhukti & Antara lord Jup
Jup is in the star Rahu, discussed above
Jup is in the sub of Merc lord of 2 & 11
Sookshma lord Ketu, Sat aspects Ketu
So Ketu represents Sat lord of 7 in 7
So Transits fully agree & justify the event
Now let us compare Transit chart with the natal birth chart
1) Dasa lord Sat, which is lord of 7 and posited in 7,in Horary chart is also
lord of 7 in the natal chart posited in Ketu star. Sat aspects houses 2,7 &
2) 2) Bhukti & Antara lord Jup is conjoined with Rahu in 3.Jup is placed in 2 in
the natal chart. Jup is aspected by Ketu (who is Sookshma lord) in both the

So it can be seen that natal chart broadly confirms the event (marriage)
Please note that in both the natal and transit charts, the ascendant and all
other cusps (bhavas) are one and the same. Major planets like Jup, Rah & Ket are
posited alike in both the charts.
As can be seen from the methodology/analysis and interpretation for an event
from Horary and Natal charts, it is not very easy and lot of concentration,
analysis and synthesis techniques are to be used judiciously and intelligently
based on the experience. It is emphasized that unless an event is promised
broadly in the natal chart the actual occurrence of the event may not
materialize with the transit of the planets in the Horary astrology.  The event
on a particular day and particular time will be different for different
individuals and unless the event is linked with the natal birth chart the
fructification of the event may not be realized for the particular individual.
Lot of effort was taken in collecting data every day for different events for
duration of one year amounting to about 200 events. All these events are not
mentioned and about 30 important events are segregated. Out of these , four
examples are discussed with  the Horary and Natal charts.
It is the sincere wish of the authors that all astrologers should maintain data
collection in this fashion, do research and formulate rules and methods to
justify the events occurred so that this may form as a basis for application for
predicting future events.

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